‘Delightful on so many levels - a visual feast’  
Sue Baker - Lovereading.co.ukhttp://www.mostlyfood.co.uk/#Rose_Petal_Jamhttp://www.mostlyfood.co.uk/#Rose_Petal_Jamhttp://www.lovereading.co.uk/book/5715/Rose-Petal-Jam-Recipes-and-Stories-from-a-Summer-in-Poland-by-Beata-Zatorska-and-Simon-Target.htmlshapeimage_1_link_0shapeimage_1_link_1

‘A priceless gift and cookery guide for Polish migrants’

Anna Raczkowska - The Polish Times

‘A sumptuous and heartwarming book - with stunning photography.’

Christine Walker - Most Food Journal

‘The pictures are wonderful, beautifully composed but in a way that you actually see what is there.’

Kelly Jane - Cooking the Books

Media Reviews

‘Rose Petal Jam took my breath away...’

Charlotte Safavi - Huffington Post




‘The book makes you want to go back in time, but at the same time you feel you’ve already been.’ Rose Kennedy - Metro Pulse

‘Simply put, a beautiful book’  -Barabara Rolek - About.com

‘One of the loveliest books of the year’

Michelle Rowe - The Australian

‘A colorful memoir, a pilgrimage, a travelogue and a food adventure.’

Marcia Vanderlip - Columbia Daily Tribune

‘Rose Petal Jam is at once evocative, enightening and compelling’


‘It not only transported me throughout Poland and back in time through Beata’s childhood memories’

Real Food Traveller

‘A Gorgeous book... beautifully photographed... it makes me want to book a flight to Poland right now!’

Gretchen - Culinaria Libris

‘This is a sumptuous and heart-warming book with stunning photography’

Mostly Food Journal

‘A stunning book with evocative prose’

Not Quite Nigella

‘Perhaps the best way to describe the book would be as a declaration of love’

Annick Payne - Valentinas-Kockbuch.de

‘This lovely book makes you hungry for Poland even when it plays no part in your own heritage’

Elaine Reeves - The Mercury

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